If the “Abused” Ain’t Trippin I Ain’t Trippin…Let the Man Play.

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NFL player Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely this week after a video emerged that shows him striking his fiancee in an elevator. The fiancee now wife, Janay Palmer took to Instagram to lash out a the media for airing the confrontation. She posted “No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted options [opinions] from the public has cause my family.”

Basketball player Paul George reflected on the domestic violence situation and had this to say online-



Later adding-





The reason the punishment was harsh and interest/condemnation was was widespread.

#1 The incident was viewable. Video imagery is powerful in it’s ability to cut through the nuance and speculation.  When reading about  the incident and there was no video available we may be inclined to imagine a scenario with only the slightest amount of violence.  Actually viewing the violence in the video is like a bolt of electricity piercing your prefrontal cortex.  The savagery can no longer be denied.


#2 The story and punishment are not about Ray Rice and Janay Palmer.  When Janay lashes out at the media is saying “there is no crime because there is not victim” and “this is my choice to love this man so it’s nobody else’s business.”  The punishment is linked directly to social order and branding.  The NFL has a billion dollar brand they cannot allow a player (a sub brand) to take more than they give.  More importantly, from social order and spiritual evolution perspectives violent domestic physical attacks can escalated to homicide.  Collectively we will often override the will of the combatants to allow them the time and space to consider their Prime Directive.

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