The Benefits of Liberal Democracies – A Refresher

Election Ballot Box

As efforts to create societies based on fundamentalist religious doctrine rage on it’s appropriate to review the pitfalls of this approach. Behold the liberal democracy, in which decisions are largely decided democratically but minority views are mostly protected. It’s strength is it’s ability to bind together huge numbers of people.

People have personal needs and perspectives. If they do not live in a cave they also have collective needs and perspectives. So trying trying to bind a society using a single meme (eg Blue Meme Religious Fundamentalism) has several inherent weaknesses. Firstly, not every person in the society will be or can be Blue Meme in their personal evolution. Those non Blue Meme individuals will feel excluded and eventually will be excluded. Secondly, individuals who subsequently evolve past the Blue meme or devolve out of the Blue would need to leave those societies. Now you’re talking about splitting up families, friends and siblings. A society based on a single meme are unable to do the inevitable and evolve past that meme without considerable hypocrisy or heartburn.

A liberal democracy is more like a container that is capable of holding a variety of liquids. There is often criticism of Western Democracies that centers on the shortcomings of capitalism. Capitalism is a means of transferring goods and services but is not what currently binds western societies. The United States in the worlds oldest democracy but not the inventor of capitalism.

In a liberal democracy you may still have groups fighting for influence but there tends to be little appetite to the notion that “non-believers” must convert or die.

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