Memetic Frequently Asked Questions

What is the prime directive?
Getting to the next level of awareness of next rung of the ladder, while experiencing life to its fullest. Some religious traditions speak of heaven or a post mortal destination.

What is the ladder?
The ladder refers to the progression of value memes (or levels) a person transcends through during their lifetime. Each rung of the ladder reveals a broader perspective for that individual. An individual has completed their journey up the ladder when their self-identity is no longer of a particular rung but the entire ladder. This express is thought to be from the Asian Buddhist culture.

Who came up with this stuff?
The answer to that depends on what stuff you’re referring to. The term memes was coined by Richard Dawkins. Dr. Clare Grave developed the Emergent, Cyclical, Levels of Existence theory. David Cowen associated colors with the various levels which are now commonly referred to as a meme, as in the “Green Meme”.

What is a meme?
Richard Dawkins defined a meme as a piece of information or a slice of culture.  He described how these meme are created, how they replicate and which ones survive comparing their existence to a biological “gene”- thus a “meme”.

What’s a meme versus a value meme?
A meme is the term Richard Dawkins for a piece of information or culture that replicates and moves through a society.  It can be like the idea of taking a picture of yourself with a portable camera- a selfie.  It can be a term that has slipped into the current vernacular like “LOL :)”. Dr. Clare Grave developed the Emergent, Cyclical, Levels of Existence theory.  Each level was defined with a two letter combination like A-N and F-S.  These levels were hard to remember by their letter combination. Fortunately an assistant of Graves assigned a color to each of the levels.  Now we use terms like “the Green Meme”.

What value meme am I?
Self-assignment of your meme level can be difficult. In most societies meme levels are spread out like a bell curve. View entry in the MemeCenter and see which groups you identify with most strongly. Also, other MemeCenter have the perspectives on a subject from several different meme levels.

Can smart people be on lower levels?
Begin smart or wealthy does not provide instant understanding of the higher meme. In fact your focus on intelligence and/or wealth may delay or prevent your attainment of the higher levels. There are always a multitude influences that affect your ability to focus on personal evolution. So for example, if you are struggling to meet your basic needs then reaching higher levels may be difficult, but not impossible.

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