Propaganda 101

The Structure of Basic Propaganda

Start with a supposition that is seemingly so obvious that it is unquestioned – “when the house is on fire you need to leave, right?” or “you want what’s best for your family.”


Use a time frame that is advantages to your end goal- “Since 2009 Mercedes has produced more top safety picks than any other car maker” (why 2009?).


Find supporting evidence and state it. Quoting sources that are known to produce biased findings- Think tanks, paid studies, commissioned polls. This evidence does not to be given in context just needs to align with the initial supposition. The mind will accept it unchallenged.


Tie competing ideas to previous ideas that are widely viewed unfavorably- Nazis, Big Dig, economic collapse.


*Propaganda, in particular the initial supposition appeals to people largely on their personal evolution (level).- “Keeping your family safe is important, right?” Safety & love/belonging needs targeted (Maslow)

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