The Hollow Response

  1. Simplification of something complex.
  2. Arbitrary or advantageous timeframe.
  3. Micro view or maker problem.
  4. Applying subjectivity when objectivity can be used.
  5. Solutions based in theory only.
  6. Solutions based on absolute rules.
  7. Discounting/ignoring contradictions by disqualification.
  8. Creation of a false precedence.
  9. Take a normal continuum then create a dogma that continually claim the mean is not far enough to one side-while never stating the ideal balance.
  10. Threshold qualification versus absolute pinnacle qualifications.
  11. Misunderstood intentions over generalization of intentions.
  12. Distrust of intentions.
  13. Portraying a successful path as the ONLY viable path.
  14. Ignoring opponent’s solution, claim opponent has no solution.
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