The Memes

An overview of the most popular memes discussed.

The Beige Meme

The earliest meme in Claire Graves’ hierarchy is the Beige meme. The primary drives here are survival needs. Envision small bands or hunter/gatherers or nomadic herdspeople.

Beige Meme

The Purple Meme

The second level of Value memes sees larger tribal groups, bound together by ancestral ways, customs and kinship.  These tribes tend to be polytheistic and feature a good deal of magic and mysticism. Estimates place the Purple meme at 10% of the global population.


Purple Meme

The Red Meme

The third level of Value Meme focuses on exerting dominance over others.  Might makes right. In fact you could say that it’s a jungle in here.  Estimated to be 20% of the global population.

Red Meme

The Blue Meme

The meaning of life and certainty of the truth converge in the Blue Meme. Global prophets emerge as well as disciples who strongly believe that the truth only lies one path- their path.  Groups are controlled through guilt and morality.  Religions become monotheistic. The Blue meme is estimated to be 40% of the population currently.

Blue Meme

The Orange Meme

Identification with the self reemerges and rejects many of the limitations placed on individuals by the Blue Meme.  Scientific discoveries flourish as research is permitted to search beyond established dogma.  Capitalism blooms as material excess becomes an acceptable objective.  The Orange Meme represents 30% of the global population.

Orange Meme

The Green Meme

With material needs largely met the Green Meme looks to spread well-being as wide as possible. Institutions evolve around consensus building.  The “Us” expands to include people in other countries, wildlife and the environment.

Green Meme

The Yellow Meme

The Yellow Meme is considered the first Value Meme in the second level of Value memes.  The big picture view comes more sharply into view.  The strengths and weaknesses of the previous value memes can be seen in a non conflicting light.

Yellow Meme

The Turquoise Meme

The Self as a unique being is blended into the compassionate whole. The personification of the Yin Yang symbol.

Turquoise Meme

The Coral Meme

The understanding of the Coral meme is just coming into focus

Coral Meme

Additional Description of Value Memes

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