US Politics



American politics is a great demonstration of both generic memes and value memes. Political strategists are savvy enough to understand which words, phases concepts resonate the most loudly with the public (generic memes). The underlying concepts and problems may be enormously complex but often the goal is associate a candidate with a simple, easy to remember slogan, “wartime president” or “flip flopper”.

The two main political parties in the United States are based on platforms which represent the vast majority of perspectives (value memes). The perspectives of the US population are distributed of a bell curve, with the bulk of the curve currently comprised of orange meme individuals. Blue meme and green meme individuals are positioned at either ends of the bell curve. In recent years the Republican Party has based its platform on blue meme (church/morality) and orange meme (individualism/wealth) perspectives. The Democratic Party has staked out the orange meme (worker’s rights) and green meme (environmentalism/multiculturalism).

The ideological differences between the two major political parties are often described as conservative versus liberal or right versus left. That infers some sort of closed end continuum with ideology being more of a function of choice than evolution. The reality is political ideology mirrors individual perspective and is laid out like a ladder. The orange meme precedes the green meme the blue meme precedes the orange meme.

There are those with perspectives that don’t fit into the blue, orange or green meme who may not feel represented in the American process. There are also those whose perspective fit into the blue, orange, green levels but are turned off by the polarized, ineffectiveness and caustic nature of the American political process. In a parliamentary system one might expect a closer correlation between political affiliation and its underlying meme. For example, the Green Party would be comprised of primarily of individual with a green meme perspective, Libertarian (orange meme), Workers Party (orange meme), Communist Party (orange/green), etc.

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